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Interested in learning more about the Epic Collective experience, and what we can do

to maximize the value and strategic placement of your brand? 

The Epic Collective team is ready to go the extra mile.

Whether you are a new-to-market brand, or a tried-and-true brand looking to move upward, your brand will benefit from the expertise in sales, global distribution, and product placement Epic Collective has to offer.


The Epic Collective team has a solid reputation representing quality brands as evidenced by our long-lasting partnerships and relationships with top retailers, buyers, media executives, and influencers. 


Need networking or introductions?

We specialize in bringing the right people together so that you feel confident navigating consumer markets, distribution channels, and even manufacturing, when needed.

Do you have a vision for your brand but aren't sure how to bring it to fruition?

We will work with you to create a plan unique to your brand, identifying your specific objectives and capitalizing on our decades of experience bringing products from concept to market. 

Are you a new or established international brand looking to make a footprint in the North American marketplace?

Epic Collective will capitalize on our proven track record of successful launch and distribution of international brands in North America to establish/grow your brand presence.

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